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Our Story

We read about the thousands being laid off during the pandemic lockdowns. We wanted to help by providing a platform where you can be found across multiple gig and freelancing platforms.

We understand that we need money NOW and some of us are stuck not knowing where to start. That’s where xolas.work comes in. Our platform not only makes it easier for gig workers to find jobs across platforms, it also stresses the importance of a supportive community.

Members who contribute their time and effort by mentoring and supporting other community members earn points which are then used to redeem services within the platform.

Everyone wins.

Your xolas.work Profile

The internet today is too full of scams and identity theft, etc. We're a bit old fashioned, we think your data it's your data.

We don't use Google Analytics or cookies to track your behaviour, even with the excuse of giving you more "personalised"service.

We have taken the decision not to allow login via Facebook or Google accounts, since they can track your activities on any linked sites. Enough is enough. What you do on xolas.work, as long as you don't breach community guidelines, is your business and no one else's.


We Comply with Data Protection & AMLA Acts

We take our responsibility as custodian for the platform very seriously. So we will comply with Data Protection and Anti-Money Laundring Acts

After all, we expect this to be a source of revenue for you and for years to come. For some jurisdications, you may have to provide more information than for others, as we comply with your home county's acts.