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Active and Passive Income

Cashflow is king. So our platform is designed to keep the cashflow pumps working in your favour.

Our point system rewards for for project completion, for mentoring, micro royalties and much more besides.

If you're whiz at social media marketing, we reward that too!

if you make logos or images for free download, you get micro royalties.

... plus many more ways to earn active and passive income from

We Market You

Without you, there's no us. So we market your products or services in our social media blitz.

We market your successes! Every time you complete a project successfully, we put that on all our social media pages.

You can even create your on content to promote yourself, and the platform will promote that too!

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Flat Platform Fee

You can sign up for free. We don't think it's fair for any platform to take a percentage of what your earn. So we don't.

You only start paying the monthly service fee after you get your first job on the platform.

Our point system is backed by fractions of gold and silver, which at the end of the year you can redeem.

Whilst we don't take from your fees. You do keep 80% of the points that platform awards you. 10% is a platform fee. The other 10% goes to a revenue pool shared by all members.


Find Work Across All Platforms

We promote you across all our social media, like Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn, your successes get front page news, because you're the star that makes all this happen.

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    Let them know you're on, and hey! presto! More revenue from your existing clients, because of our sharing economy model.

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    If cooking, painting, dancing, coding is your thing, do that! Let deal with your accounts (via our members who specialise in that), marketing and invoicing. Find projects to join, crowd sourcing deals and much more!

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    Unlimited Projects
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    Upon signing up 500 XPoints
    Platform Fee $1 per transaction
    Access to Squads for Projects
    Reports and analytics
Gold $67/m
    0.16gm. of gold credited to your account monthly.
    Unlimited Projects
    Unlimited Freelancer Profiles
    Upon signing up 2,000 XPoints
    No Transaction Fees
    Advanced Reports and analytics
    Aggregation API access

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